Cake in general was the main source that my grandparent could feed the whole family close to 12 people, then it passed over one of my uncle however he quited after couple years and purchase his different dream. Bake and decorate cake is my passion and it is in my blood.

      I am graduated student from Johnson County Community College, Kansas with two degrees on hand. One is Culinary and one is Food and Beverage management. I found my baking flow in my vein is stronger than ever, eventhough I don't need to try hard to improved myself . People says not many can be good at baking and cooking, but you have me. I can bake, decorate, and cook too. 

        In addition, moving around from many states built up my knowlege and skill, so my cake and food will satisfy your eyes. ears and stomach because they come from high quality ingredients with great flavors which you can not find in any restaurant and store  around the neighborhood and I put my love in whatever I do.


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